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From the Back Cover:

A quintessential Australian bushman, Brian Taylor has spent most of his life on the land.  Working as a drover, a stockman, a fencer, a shearer and a saddler, he has gathered a swag of stories over the years as he travelled way out past Barcoo, along dusty plains and beside dry creek beds under the endless southern sky.

In A Swag of Memories Brian Taylor shares with us these stories, of the people he has met, the places he has been and the moments, long-gone, that define the traditions of the Australian bush.

Like those bush poets and storytellers of days past, Taylor brings to life the characters and the creatures of the bush.  Men like Dangerous Dan Smith, a hard, self-reliant man who had a gentler talent; Father Peter, a parsih priest and occasional hero; Charlie Gibson, an Aboriginal stockman who knew the land better than anyone; and Banjo, the ever-alert dingo watchdog.

These colourful and evocative bush tales delightfully capture a slice of Australian life that many of us will never get to see.  Luckily, with this collection you can sit back with a billy of tea and read all about it.                  


Brian and Shoghi 

     The author with his horse Shoghi.

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